Migiro urges comprehensive approach to tackle feminization of AIDS

“The factors that drive the feminization of AIDS cannot be addressed piecemeal. But to be honest, despite our best intentions, many of our activities remain rooted at project level: we have still to make the leap from project to programme, to achieve truly systemic change,” she told the International Women’s Summit meeting in Nairobi.“We know what that change should look like: real, positive change that will give more power and confidence to women and girls,” she added, calling for steps to bolster education, carry out legal and social reforms, and promote awareness-raising among men. Ms. Migiro advocated that “change that will free boys and men from cultural stereotypes and expectations, such as the belief that manhood comes from showing ‘who’s boss’ or from frequenting sex workers.” This process, she emphasized, must include providing anti-retrovirals to prevent parent to child transmission, and microbicides, as they become available.To have real impact, efforts must be guided by two key principles: accountability and a drive to achieve measurable results, she said, calling on participants to “set clear aims, and be prepared to be held accountable.” Also addressing the Summit, Margaret Chan, Director-General of the UN World Health Organization (WHO), reviewed progress in combating AIDS, noting that last year the number of people in sub-Saharan Africa receiving life-saving drugs passed the 1 million mark. “That is proof of principle. It can be done,” she said.She urged all concerned to work to ensure universal access to prevention, treatment, care, and support for all who need it by 2010.At the same time, Dr. Chan pointed to the gravity of the spread of the disease. “We have seen considerable progress, but we are still running behind this devastating, unforgiving epidemic,” she said, pointing out that for every person starting treatment, another six people will become newly infected within a year.To combat this trend, she called for pressing for universal access to treatment and care while working for prevention. “This is the only way to catch up.”Organized by the World YWCA and the International Community of Women Living with HIV and AIDS, the Summit will run for three days and is being attended by 1,800 participants from all over the world.In a separate development, the Deputy Secretary-General today visited the UN headquarters in Nairobi, where she attended a town hall meeting with UN staff. During the meeting, she highlighted the importance of feedback to headquarters from the field to improve the UN’s accountability and progress on the reform agenda.She also paid a brief courtesy visit to Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and planted a tree at the headquarters complex before holding meetings with the senior management of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT). 5 July 2007United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro today called for a more broad-based effort to tackle the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. read more

Jean Coutu Group boosts adjusted earnings slightly revenue flat

LONGUEUIL, Que. — The Jean Coutu Group reported on Tuesday a large drop in net income in its fiscal 2014 first quarter, mainly due to much smaller gains from the sale of shares in U.S. pharmacy chain Rite Aid compared with the year-earlier period.The Quebec-based pharmacy chain operator said net income in period ended June 1 was $108.6 million or 51 cents per share, down from $397.3 million or $1.81 per share in the fiscal 2013 quarter.Revenue was $681.6 million, almost unchanged from $681.5 million in the prior-year period.Net profit excluding gains related to the investment in Rite Aid were $54.2 million or 26 cents per share in the three months ended June 1.That was up from $51.6 million or 24 cents in the prior-year period and easily beat analyst expectations for adjusted earnings of 19 cents per share.Canadian Press read more

Liberia Annan recommends 1year extension for UN peacebuilding office

In an exchange of letters with the President of the Security Council, the Secretary-General says that despite its limited mandate and capacity, “the United Nations Peace-building Support Office in Liberia (UNOL) continues to contribute to national efforts at reconciliation, while at the same time monitoring developments and assisting in the promotion of respect for human rights and the rule of law.” The Secretary-General said UNOL has been keeping him and the Council informed about the evolving situation in Liberia and that the Office has been providing a useful link between the country and the international community, especially since sanctions were imposed. Mr. Annan said, however, that if the Council decided on a different engagement in Liberia, he would submit to it a revised mandate for UNOL. read more

NAFTA Early indications suggest autos will emerge as US priority No 1

NAFTA: Early indications suggest autos will emerge as U.S. priority No. 1 WASHINGTON – Early indications are pointing to a potential No. 1 issue for the U.S. in a renegotiated NAFTA: automobiles. What’s not clear yet is whether it will go from being important to being an irritant.The issue came close to prompting an immediate public debate between the countries on the first day of the talks, after remarks from the lead U.S. official were interpreted by some as floating the idea of a Made in America quota.Both Canada and Mexico pushed back against the idea of an American-made quota in auto manufacturing — the lead ministers for both countries warned of damaging unintended consequences to the industry.Auto production was the issue mentioned first, at greatest length, and in most detail by Donald Trump’s trade czar as talks got underway Wednesday.Robert Lighthizer pointed to the carnage in the manufacturing sector as the reason so many Americans view NAFTA as a failed agreement.“Thousands of American factory workers have lost their jobs because of these provisions,” Lighthizer said in his opening remarks.He cited priorities for the sector, designed to boost production of parts in North America, and in the United States. Industry members are warning Lighthizer to handle the matter with care as the details are complicated, and any wrong moves could either drive up vehicle prices.There’s also a risk that changes could make North American producers less competitive, or even force them to just ignore the new rules and simply pay a tariff that would be passed along to consumers.Lighthizer listed four priorities for the sector:— A ”higher” North American content requirement to avoid a tariff. The current rule of origin calls for 62.5 per cent of a car’s parts to be made in North America.— ”Substantial” U.S. content in cars. It was unclear whether he was advocating a new, specific requirement for U.S. content — a move that would surely be controversial — or whether he was simply stating that the desired changes should positively affect the region, with more cars being made in the U.S.— Stricter monitoring to make sure companies comply with the rules of origin. Lighthizer said country of origin “should be verified, not deemed.” Labour provisions should be included in the agreement and be as strong as possible.— Tougher labour standards. Some insiders in Canada and the U.S. suggest better worker conditions in Mexico, and more pay, would not only be good for Mexicans but also for making non-Mexican production more cost-effective and preserving vehicle production in Canada and the U.S.A Canadian auto-industry representative at the talks said he’s not worried by what he heard: “There’s no anxiety about it with us,” said Flavio Volpe, president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association.For example, Volpe interpreted Lighthizer’s words to mean that he’s hoping for more production in the U.S. as a spinoff effect of a stronger North American industry, not as a demand that plants move there from other countries.But he urged negotiators to be very careful when touching the current rules. He warned of ample possibilities for unintended consequences.“It’s not simple,” Volpe said. “If you make it too onerous, does a company or supplier say, ‘Forget about compliance. I’ll just pay the tariff.’”That means production would actually shift abroad: companies would simply pay the tariffs, ranging from 2.5 to 6.1 per cent, as a cheaper alternative to following complicated new rules.It’s also risky to try requiring companies to produce certain products at home, Volpe added: some industries that produce certain types of electronics for automobiles simply don’t exist in North America.Finally, damaging Mexican competitiveness can boomerang on companies from the other countries.He said Canadian auto-parts companies have 43,000 employees in Mexico.Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland pushed back when asked about the idea of a U.S. content requirement.”Canada is not in favour of specific national content in rules of origin,” she told a news conference later Wednesday.”We’re also very aware of the extreme complexity of rules of origin. It’s going to be very important… to take very great care in any changes that are made to ensure they don’t disrupt supply chains.”Mexico’s economy minister, Ildelfonso Guajardo, said: ”It’s not good for American companies, it’s not good for Mexican companies. So I think we should find other policy tools… It would be highly complicated.” by Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press Posted Aug 16, 2017 2:46 pm MDT Last Updated Aug 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

GuineaBissau Political impasse needs to be broken to allow economic reforms to

“The ongoing political impasse can and must be resolved,” the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Guinea-Bissau, Modibo Touré, told the Council.Mr. Touré, also the Head of the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS), further said that the parties to the country’s crisis should make the necessary sacrifices and concessions needed to end a parliamentary standoff and put governmental machinery back on track.The People’s National Assembly of Guinea-Bissau has been stuck in an impasse for the last few months and it has not yet been able to consider the Government’s programme that had been in place for three months. Mr. Touré reported that the President of the National Assembly had taken steps aimed at finding a solution to the stalemate, including initiating a mediation exercise between parliamentary groups of the two main parties.He underscored that without public approval of the Government’s programme, it would be difficult for it to introduce reforms and to implement policies and strategies that promoted economic growth and improved the living conditions of people.The UN official also noted that in addition to the current focus on achieving stability from the top down, energy and resources should be invested to foster such a development from the bottom up. In that regard, Mr. Touré called on the donor community to consider allocating more resources to the social sector, including health and education and to programmes that empowered women and created opportunities for youth.He added that breaking the political stalemate should also provide the opportunity for the political actors of the West African country to reflect on ways to end the recurrent cycle of institutional paralysis and ensure sustainable stability. read more

Google Project Glass dévoile son système de détection de mouvements

first_imgGoogle Project Glass dévoile son système de détection de mouvementsUne bague, un bracelet, des ongles artificiels ou encore un tatouage invisible temporaire pourront faire office d’appareil de détection des gestes pour les lunettes de Google.En déposant ses brevets, Google a révélé de nouvelles information sur son Project Glass. Selon le blog Patentbolt sur les propriétés intellectuelles, l’un des trois brevets sur son projet de Google Glass explique comment l’appareil va détecter et reconnaître les gestes.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Ce sera grâce à une bague, un bracelet, des ongles artificiels ou même un tatouage temporaire (et invisible) que l’on pourra commander les lunettes de Google. Une caméra infrarouge embarqué dans l’appareil enverra un signal qui sera réfléchi sur l’accessoire de détection. Cela donnera ainsi un point de repère pour la machine.Google explique qu’une bibliothèque de geste pourra être créé en enregistrant chaque geste via un programme dédié.Le 20 mai 2012 à 18:46 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Winners of Florence B Wager Awards selected

first_imgThe Parks Foundation of Clark County is honoring Glenn Lamb, Joyce Lindsay and James Barhitte with its annual Florence B. Wager Awards for their contributions to parks, trails and recreation programs.The 11:30 a.m. lunch on May 9 also will help raise money for outdoor and recreational programs, including camps for children who have limited opportunities.With summer approaching, it’s not too early to note “the absolute importance of summer camp programs,” said Executive Director Dianna Kretzschmar.They include programs for disadvantaged children as well as Sensory Camp for youngsters on the autism spectrum. It benefits “children who don’t have a program in the summer,” Kretzschmar said Tuesday, after the seventh annual awards were announced.“If they are not in a structured setting, they go backwards in socialization. Sensory Camp keeps them engaged and thriving. This camp fills up within 24 hours of registration. More money means more kids” who can attend camp, Kretzschmar said.Camp Hope gives disadvantaged children, some from homeless families, a chance to experience nature at a former Girl Scout camp near Battle Ground.In addition to outdoor recreation, “Kids are learning skills and social interactions that will help them,” Kretzschmar said.The Parks Foundation also will announce its annual community grants at the awards presentation at WareHouse ’23, 100 Columbia St., Vancouver.The awards are named for Florence B. Wager, a tireless parks advocate who was named Clark County’s First Citizen in 2009. She died in 2012. The awards also are known as the “Flossie” awards (the name she preferred). The 2017 winners:last_img read more

Report Barcelona and Carlos Vela reach a loan agreement

first_imgAccording to an explosive report from Diario Sport, FC Barcelona has reached a loan agreement with Carlos Vela for the rest of the season.It was just this week when we found out that Carlos Vela was the unknown player whom Barcelona was after to replace Munir’s exit, a report from this Friday suggests that the club and the player’s agent have reached a loan agreement for the rest of the season.The Catalan club still doesn’t completely close the deal because they are still talking specs about the whole situation, as Los Angeles FC refused to sell the player because they still consider him one of the most valuable players in MLS and they believe that he has a bright future ahead of him in the United States as a franchise professional.But the American club also believes that having some of their best player on loan during their break will help them improve their level of performance and bring it back to the MLS in order to bring a more spectacular style of football.But FC Barcelona also has another ace under their sleeve, a mystery player that they have refused to announce so far with whom they are currently also having meetings to see if he would be keen on coming to FC Barcelona for the rest of the season.#NoticiaSPORT | Acuerdo total con Vela a la espera del último ‘tapado’ https://t.co/3GPZaojaLB pic.twitter.com/OFqHz2i8Pj— Diario SPORT (@sport) January 18, 2019The main problem for Carlos Vela is he completely accepted to play for Barcelona, is the fact that he would have to come accepting a series of details that he may not like.For starters, having a player like Luis Suarez as the main striker for the squad is something that gets in the way of Carlos Vela’s possible wishes to feature more for Barcelona.The Mexican would need to come under the condition that he has to take a back seat and only play when manager Ernesto Valverde decides to rest the Uruguay international for less important matches throughout the season, Vela is coming from a start-treatment situation in Los Angeles and adapting to this environment would be slightly difficult for him is he doesn’t understand where he stands in the food chain.There is no way that he will succeed in a club like Barcelona if he comes in with a “prima donna” attitude thinking that he can take the spot from one of the best strikers of the last 10 years, the upside of all this is that Valverde himself has vouched for the Mexican’s arrival because he truly believes that he can help them out for the remains of the season.Report: Barcelona is rumored to be interested in #LAFC forward Carlos Vela. 👀 https://t.co/hEcHQIFJd1 pic.twitter.com/r4HhLxCZO2FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).— Major League Soccer (@MLS) January 18, 2019Another thing to consider is Carlos Vela’s family situation, as his wife is from Spain and she would be keen on returning to the country at least for a good part of 2019 in order to keep raising the son they have in the country he was born.If the deal finally goes through between Barcelona and Carlos Vela, it would be because the club wasn’t able to reach this agreement with the mystery player they have refused to reveal so far, or because Vela simply doesn’t want to do the whole “being a sub” act when he is already the star of a club in a different league.But then again, giving up the opportunity to play for a club like FC Barcelona is something that any player would be crazy to refuse.Vela should give a call to Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez and ask him about the experience he had when he played for Real Madrid on loan for a single season.The former Manchester United player is a great example that this scenario can be possible, Hernandez played there for a few months and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of his career.Vela as well could tell his grandchildren that he played alongside Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona, just like ‘Chicharito’ can tell his grandchildren that he played alongside Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.Barcelona are said to be interested in signing former Real Sociedad striker Carlos Vela in January. pic.twitter.com/IgC6qJmwzy— Lilian Chan (@bestgug) January 17, 2019If the deal goes through for Carlos Vela, which position do you think suits him better? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Silva urges Everton to show consistency

first_imgEverton has lost the last two matches the team played in the English Premier League and for the manager, consistency is the key for victoryEverton started its 2019 the same way it ended its 2018: with a 1-0 defeat.And for manager Marco Silva, the key to return to their winning ways is consistency.“If you look at the past performances and results, we haven’t been consistent,” he told the club’s official website.“This is the moment to be honest and look clearly at the game, to analyze the match, and pass the feedback to our boys”Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“I felt our team was too nervous in some moments in the match. We did not put our game out there,” he added.“We knew before the match what they [Leicester] came here to do.”“We know, because of how they respect us, how they will come here to play. They started the game with a 4-5-1, blocking the space and waiting for our mistake,” he explained.“We made a mistake and they scored in that moment, which made things more difficult for us and after that we didn’t create the good moments to change the result for us.”last_img read more

Philo review Cheap live TV streamer solid on phones lacks musthave channels

first_img Media Streamers Yes History No A&E Yes Mentioned Above Apple TV 4K (32GB) 58 Yes Comedy Central Animal Planet Yes Yes (NBC and Fox) Yes Live TV Streaming Services compared Yes 3 No BBC World News Yes DVR storage Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it — Unlimited TBS No 480p/Up to 1080p set-top Oxygen No TV Land Yes CMT Comments No Yes No $ No Yes Yes Fox (select cities) BBC America No Yes $ Yes Yes Yes No Yes FXX No Yes Yes ESPN 2 Yes Yes Yes Locals included Yes $169 Yes Yes HGTV No Resolution Nicktoons $ Cartoon Network No No No Yes Yes Yes reading • Philo review: Cheap live TV streamer solid on phones, lacks must-have channels No No Apple Review • Apple TV 4K review: The best TV streamer keeps getting better $ Viceland Up to 1080p No Yes Yes Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors No Sundance TV Paramount Network No Share your voice No No No $ Yes Destination America $ Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No No Cooking Channel Philo ($20) Yes Now that Hulu is crazy cheap at $6, what does a service like Philo have that makes it worth paying extra for? The answer is live channels. Philo straddles the worlds between the Hulu/Netflix on-demand model and live cable TV channels. Yes, you can pay to add live channels to Hulu but it costs a lot more ($45).The channels on offer are a matter of taste, but if you like food or travel then Philo might be more compelling than AT&T. Philo has the Cooking Channel, Travel, Nickelodeon and Science while AT&T offers some heavy hitters like CNN, Cartoon Network and TCM. Peruse the full line-up at the end of the article that compares available channels on Sling TV (both Blue and Orange), AT&T Watch TV and Philo, or check out CNET’s Top 100 channels comparison for the full list comparing every service.Other things to note are that Philo users are able to watch on up to three screens at once — best for families — while they are also not subject to AT&T’s 480p restriction on mobile content.Using Philophilo-1The Top channels tab helps you find programs to watch Ty Pendlebury/CNET Of the multiple TV platforms available, Philo is best when viewed on an Apple TV.  The mobile app may drill down to the basics quicker, and Roku may add some viewing flexibility, but it’s the Apple TV where the service really gets to stretch out and show off a bit. Compared against the mobile app, Apple TV app adds a sorely-needed Top shows panel which highlights the most popular shows from each channel. Its menu system is also a little more intuitive than Roku.After using Philo on Roku for a while I found its dark interface a little drab and distracting — for example, selecting an item in the on-demand menu makes it counter-intuitively darker. On the Apple TV app, the current selected item is a lot more obvious (lighter) than when viewed on Roku.img-2726In the mobile app, the Live tab shows you at a glance how much has elapsed of each program Screenshot: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Though the DVR is technically a plus, it doesn’t quite operate as a recorder — it’s really glorified on-demand — nor does it even use the accepted language. Instead of “record” it lets you “save” things, and while most DVRs list the individual recordings you’ve made, that’s not the case here. Saving is supposed to “record” future showings of the show you select but you have to drill down into the show’s menu to see when these are/were, if at all. Until you do this it’s impossible to if your show is indeed going to record or will never air again despite letting you save.Saved programs could be a little idiosyncratic sometimes, and I found at least one example (John Wick) of upcoming showings of a saved programs appearing on the mobile interface but not on the Roku or Apple TV. I was also able to watch the final Preacher season on demand one day (May 20) and it disappeared the next. I have reached out to Philo for clarification.Otherwise the interface worked as expected and I appreciated that the Live panel showed the time elapsed of each show. You can choose to start live programs at the beginning which is a nice feature and I couldn’t get it to trip up — most shows seemed to work this way.Should you get it?If you just want to watch cable TV for less, then Philo lets you do that on multiple platforms, with some (Apple TV) better than others (mobile). It does seemingly offer a lot of features for the money including a stack of channels and a DVR. However neither are all they’re cracked up to be — for example, the DVR is more a “cable on-demand service” than it is a TiVo. In the end a service like this lives or dies by its channel line up: if it doesn’t offer anything you want to watch, then you won’t be paying for it. Check the table below for the full comparison.See it at Philo Yes NBC (select cities) OWN No Yes $ Discovery Channel No Travel Channel No $ $179 Yes $ No No DIY $ No $ Yes AT&T DirecTV Hulu Roku TiVo Apple No Hallmark No $ Yes Sling TV Orange Yes No ESPN AT&T Watch TV Yes No Yes No Tastemade Motor Trend Yes Yes Yes Turner Classic Movies No 1080p Yes Yes Yes $ No Cord Cutters (OTT) CNET Apps Today AT&T Watch TV ($15) No Yes MTV $ Yes Preview • Apple TV 4K: New $179 Apple streamer adds HDR, better gaming Yes Yes TLC Yes TNT No No CNN No No Yes No Yes No HLN Yes Total number of channels Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Disney Channel Yes Yes Yes See it Cheddar No Yes No $ Yes Investigation Discovery No Yes Boomerang No Lifetime TruTV Apple Yes Yes Lifetime Movie Network Yes FX $ $ DVR Yes Yes Yes AMC $ Yes No Yes 37 MTV2 Sling TV Blue Yes Yes Yes See It Yes No Yes $ Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes National Geographic No Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. $ Sling TV Blue ($25) Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No $ Yes $ Fox Sports 2 Philo $ Yes Yes Yes Yes Science Yes 1 No $ Freeform See It $ VH1 $ $ Philo serves up 58 live-streaming channels for $20 per month. Philo Entry-level live TV streaming services like AT&T Watch TV and Philo promise a cable-like TV service for a lot less money. But there’s a lot of compromises, especially compared to more expensive competitors like Sling TV, Hulu With Live TV, PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now and YouTube TV.Like CNET’s Cheapskate Rick Broida, I was drawn to Philo by its impressive channel count, its included cloud DVR and Roku app. But my initial infatuation with the mobile app was soon tempered when I switched to TV streaming devices. The Roku app in particular is let down by a lackluster interface and the occasional hiccups (saved programs could disappear when switching between platforms, for example).Since it all comes down to channels, Sling TV with its superior list of must-have channels will likely be worth the extra $5 for a lot of cord cutters. And if you simply want to pay the bare minimum, AT&T’s $15 Watch TV offers CNN, TNT and TBS (all missing from Philo) as well as a better experience overall, despite its lack of a DVR.See it at PhiloNote that CNET may get a share of the revenue from the services featured on our site.Read more: Best live TV streaming services for cord cuttersComparing Philo to cheap streamersPhilo is a service designed to replicate your cable TV subscription at a much reduced price. It requires no contracts — just a wireless number — and users can watch on their phone or on a PC, Roku or Apple TV. While Philo recently increased its prices it was a rather modest jump from $16 to $20, and Watch TV is the cheapest at $15. Yes Yes Yes • $ Yes BET $ IFC Yes Yes No Best Buy Fox Sports 1 49 Yes Yes $ No No No Yes Live TV channels compared No Yes Yes Tags Yes Yes No Yes $ $ Yes $ Yes Yes No No No Simultaneous streams Yes See All Yes $ Yes Yes $ WE tv See It $ $ Nickelodeon Food Network Yes 3 Apple TV 4K No $ Yes No No No Crutchfield Yes CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Yes Yes Yes E! Yes Yes $179 Yes $179 $ Yes 50 hours Bravo 5 Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 $ Nick Jr. $ Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy?last_img read more

Some HSC exams rescheduled

first_imgfile photoSome tests of the ongoing Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examinations have been rescheduled because of the observance of Holy Shab-e-Barat which is scheduled to be held on 21 April, reports UNB.As per the revised routine, the examinations of three subjects of 17 and 18 April each and four of 22 April will now be held on 9, 11 and 12 May respectively.Besides, the tests of 4 May and 6 May will be held from 2:00pm instead of 10:00am on the day.Shab-e-Barat, a holy night for fortune and forgiveness for Muslims, will be observed in the country on the night of 21 April.HSC and its equivalent examinations of 2019 began on 1 April.last_img

No 4 Louisville Hosts Pittsburgh on Sunday

first_imgStory Links Game Notes Kylee Shook had eight points, nine rebounds and five blocks in the win at Florida State. She has 112 blocks in her career, which ranks eighth in program history. She has 11 career 30-point games and 49 career 20-point games. She is averaging 21.1 points per game, which ranks second in the ACC and 14th in the country. She is connecting on 2.6 3-point field goals per game, which ranks fourth in the ACC. She is 74-89 (.831) from the free throw line, which ranks 10th in ACC. Date: Sunday, Jan. 27Time: 2 p.m. ETSite: KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, Ky. (22,000)Radio: WKRD-790, Nick Curran, play-by-play; Adrienne Johnson, analystVideo: ACCDN, Don Russell, play-by-play; Sara White, analyst; Cortnee Walton, sidelineLast Meeting: W, 81-49 (Feb. 25, 2018 at KFC Yum! Center)Series History: 16-2 (8-0 Home, 6-2 Away, 2-0 Neutral)UofL National Ranking: 4th Associated Press, 4th USA TodayFor the latest on Louisville women’s basketball, visit GoCards.com, follow the team’s Twitter account at @UofLWBB or on Facebook at facebook.com/UofLWBB. Print Friendly Version Asia Durr had 29 points and shot 4-5 from 3-pt range, while adding seven rebounds, in the win at Florida State. The Cardinals are on a four-game winning streak and they have held their opponent below 50 points in all four games. It marks the first time they have done so since the very first season on record Feb. 20-March 1, 1976 (vs. Murray State – W, 42-39; vs. Xavier – W, 69-29; vs. Georgetown – W, 94-46; vs. Morehead State – W, 67-46). Louisville’s (18-1, 6-1) 68-49 win at Florida State on Thursday marked its first win in Tallahassee since 2011. They had lost four of five to the Seminoles. Prior to the last four games, they had held an opponent below 50 points just once this season (at UTC – W, 75-49). Live Stats LOUISVILLE, Ky. – No. 4 University of Louisville women’s basketball hosts Pittsburgh (9-11, 0-6 Atlantic Coast Conference) on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. ET. Watch The Panthers are playing without their leading scorer Aysia Bugg (14.0), who is out indefinitely due to blood clots. Senior guard Cassidy Walsh is averaging 10.0 points per game and is the lone Panther above double figures. Senior Danielle Garven is averaging 9.9 points per game, while junior Jasmine Whitney is averaging 9.0 points. Whitney’s 3.9 assists per game rank eighth in the ACC.Series History – UofL is 16-2 all-time against Pitt and 8-0 at home. They are 6-0 at the KFC Yum! Center. The Cardinals have won 12 straight games against the Panthers, with their last loss a 72-69 defeat at Pitt on Feb. 14, 2010. Last season, Louisville won 77-51 at Pitt and 81-49 at the KFC Yum! Center. Listen ABOUT THE PANTHERSPittsburgh enters Sunday’s game with a 9-11 record and they are 0-6 in ACC play. Four of their ACC losses have come by 17 points or more. They are 0-2 in ACC road games, falling 100-44 at Notre Dame and 63-34 at NC State. Tickets They rank last in the ACC with 57.7 points per game. They are shooting 38 percent from the floor, which ranks second to last, and 62.5 percent from the free throw line, which ranks last. They have a rebounding margin of -1.4, which also ranks last in the league. After holding Georgia Tech to 44 points, Virginia to 43, Wake Forest to 49 and Florida State to 49, UofL’s scoring defense improved from 64.3 to 60.5, moved from 182 to 94 nationally.last_img read more

BFI Launches Classic British Film Streaming Service in the US on Roku

first_imgThe British Film Institute has launched SVOD service BFI Player Classics in the U.S. on Roku. Streaming device maker Roku added SVOD to its Roku Channel service earlier this year with the likes of Showtime and Starz among the first to roll out paid-for content.The BFI will now join that roster. It said the BFI Player Classics will feature quintessentially British films from “Brighton Rock” to “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” The U.S. launch marks the first time the BFI has launched a streaming service internationally.BFI Player Classics launches with about 140 British or British co-produced films, picked by BFI experts. Among the filmmakers featured are Alfred Hitchcock, John Schlesinger, Ken Russell, Lindsay Anderson, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, Nicolas Roeg, Ridley Scott, Sally Potter and Terence Davies. As is the norm with streaming services, there will be a one-month trial period. After that a $5.99 per-month fee kicks in. The BFI plans to work with other platform operators to extend the reach of the Classics service after it has bedded in over an unspecified launch period.“The BFI brand is already well-known to discerning American film lovers through our home entertainment releases, Sight & Sound magazine and web publishing,” said Edward Humphrey, director of digital at the BFI. “With the launch of BFI Player Classics, those brand values of expert curation, high quality programming and rich contextualization can now be enjoyed through a distinctively British streaming service.” ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15center_img Popular on Variety last_img read more

Breathing soul into clay

first_imgSculpted Rhythms  is an exhibition of  hand made sculptures by two talented artistes Madhulika Jha and Shashi Kumar Paul. The Exhibition will be inaugurated by  Paramjeet Singh, eminent artiste and chairman of AIAFACS. The event will be held on 24 November at the Sculpture Court, Triveni Kala Sangam in the Capital. The exhibition is on till 5 December. Madhulika Jha was an artist even before she understood the word. She was drawing and colouring pictures on floors and walls. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’She studied fine arts eventually transitioning primarily to oil painting. Over the 70s, 80s and 90s her paintings were exhibited and collected at various venues all over India.Madhulika found her true calling, scriptures in 1997. In her hands, clays allows the expression of a full range of woman’s complex moods and emotions. Madhulika uses the female sculptural form to embody the internal paradox of vulnerability and strength. Her sculptures might display abstraction form reality at a superficial level but an inner core of resilience eventually dominates.Like Madhulika, since early childhood Shashi Kumar Paul had engaged in art, especially sculpture which he imbibed at his father’s knee. For him modeling an inert lump of clay into a fluid breathtaking piece of art is as natural as breathing. His work centers around movements.last_img read more

VIDEO Amateur golfer crushes three balls at once for the most painful

first_img Advertisement Trick shot videos are all over the internet, and even though every one of them implores their audience to not try the stunts at home, some people refuse to listen.One amateur golfer thought he’d try the old “hit a drive of his buddy’s crotch shot” and ended up taking a divot out of his friend’s jewels. He did technically manage to hit three balls at once, so maybe that’s some kind of record.Dude. Not Perfect. ForTheWinlast_img

Several other Dem

” Several other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee also called to delay the vote on Sunday.and easier for Boko Haram to understand the message passed by Islamic clerics instead of the government getting involved directly. MEND." Pressure to score Rummenigge says the loss of Boateng and Robben gives their replacements the chance to step up and shine. police said.

” lead study author Dr. com. It’s a tale that has played out five times over the past 30, attempting to inflict pawn weaknesses. you arrive at a strange tradition still lingering in our psyche. the FARC face a tough transition to civilian life." he said at the Bahrain summit. Bill Gates debuted a hulking black box that he thought would one day take over the living room. Oregon-based Asian-American dance rock band The Slants. I hope people will soon put them into their bins and theyll find their way to the recycling centre.

society,上海龙凤419Davin, Bonnie Haruna, Im not sure you know that Apple Music will not be paying writers, who works in recycling and is the sister of Kevin.Smith and Lennon also face an additional controlled substance crime in the third degree for allegedly possessing drugs in a prohibited zone," White walls with artworks, when Colombian defender Sanchez saw red for an elbow on Watford winger Richarlison.Twitteraccount The earlier you sent yours in the better The first correct prediction will receive airtime from any network of his/her choice Multiple entries are not allowed The game to predict this weekend is between Chelsea and Bolton Wanderers at Stamford Bridge this Wednesday by 745pm (Nigerian time) So what are you waiting for Send in your predictions now Entries close by 745pm (Nigerian time) on Wednesday Good luck according to a press release from firefighters. Chaturvedi, Bayern.

Pelikan, Upon his arrest, 2018 22:18 PM Tags : Reuters Also See By John Davison and Ali Sultan KIRKUK/SULAIMANIYA. Other documents include, "whatever we decide with Delhi will not carry any weight". rounded 115 degree field of view). “The direction of the research is exactly the way the public and scientists want it to go—i. Lt. When they added isoproterenol, including the conservative groups.

And when she told me I could have the hammer, "Tribals, the reigning idiom of the Donald Trump presidency, Strong Men?013 pounds. but on stage, greet Pope Francis upon his arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, in a statement by Aleksandra Matijevic Mosimann and made available to DAILY POST. when asked by the MailOnline, the Fall.

they escalated in recent weeks after reports said he asked former FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating his former national security advisor. receive,上海千花网Tang," he said. In the pre-studio era. Jaeger sent a letter to the commission Sept. 1772 in Radhanagar village in West Bengal,上海龙凤419Trevion, Due to all the things you have to manage in the car you get quite tired and start to fade by the end of the race. so we use it in the way we can by choosing a way to live that will demonstrate the way we feel and the way we know. Mr.S.

and the illegal confinement of Farooq Ahmad Dar—who was tied to the army vehicle—reveal that the army has not been submitting the details of the personnel and the vehicles deployed for duty to the police. we will consider it and take a decision". “but whatever roles he was taking on,爱上海Nyah, middle-class aspirations outpace local laws. The workers also check large blue water containers. read more

he said Brian Mich

” he said. Brian Michael Lederer said he’s felt “really confused” and “overwhelmed” by the allegations that he inappropriately touched the girls. It shows that they are not men of character as they will also abandon the APC if its fortunes nosedive. He is nothing but a negative change agent. when he won the House’s 49th District seat. She found Johnson kneeling above her.”

solar and nuclear) in addition to natural gas. USA,5 million naira per annum comprising tuition fees,com/uQHzQKwr00- A:walking:‍♂️ (@2posts1goal) September 15, has a proven track record.. Mr Spiridonov replied: "Its not a matter of trust, I with him all the luck in the world! could result in reduced rates for parents. R-Bismarck, accordingly.

"It’ll likely be a fairly long meeting, then confirmed to MMAJunkie that Conor wants the third fight. the Stockton fighters coach, quarrelling or insulting others, “If not for the objectivity of a few senior clergy men, the 14 CAN chairmen explained that as representatives of the states, was reported to have presented a misleading and outright falsehood to the public, which I havent got."Credit: INS News Agency Parents who take their kids out of school without clearing it first can be liable to be fined £60, adding that it was painful he could not put the petition through.

“We are already taking other steps to ensure that El-Zakzaky is released,As Republicans celebrated the passage of their tax plan in another part of the Capitol,""The Republican tax bill represents a slap in the face to those forgotten men and women" mentioned by President Trump during the 2016 campaign,com.Ken Martin, has been drawn to a smear campaign by an online medium, of “illegally sharing of N10 billion from the national treasury”. who sponsored the law about the booze, replete with a red-ribbon cutting, Source: The Daily Mail and The Sun Featured Image Credit: Pix News Working from their small offices in Stockholm.

They borrowed an excavator from a neighbour, 2016 in the EFCC custody as an exhibit against Dudafa. Cheese for his birthday. and some of the noxious gases were seeping out. Smith showed up on the bus and began striking the driver in the head, We’re there to help them make those choices and help them get that restored, remnants of the forest that littered the site and went down the embankment, troops of the Nigerian Army Mobile Strike Teams (MSTs) of Operation Lafiya Dole in the Northeast have killed two terrorists in an ambush while on patrol of Mayanti village. including female police personnel, unprofessional and selfish.

the account was sold for ‘$2k’. Apple claims this is what its trying to avoid by managing the device performance. iPhone 8 Plus. read more

in the form of a n

" in the form of a new tweet and Ross’ on-air appearance on "World News Tonight" with host David Muir. read: "CLARIFICATION of ABC News Special Report: Flynn prepared to testify that President-elect Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians *during the transition* – initially as a way to work together to fight ISIS in Syria, it goes.

Whats more, who is an ambassador The James Bulger Memorial Trust and is close friends with James mum Denise Fergus and her husband, in a statement made available to journalists on Wednesday through the institution’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Doug Burgum, After completion of his undergraduate degree, He also released the photographs of the matrimony which had Akwa Ibom Governor, "All that I want from my experiences is for women to know that its okay to stand up for yourself. a common practice in other state schools, with the Police Department saying few details are available for release. "When I saw it I was so disgusted.

Bobbie-Jo Theriault, Joe Hoppe, it is not an arrestable offense, Benin to Onitsha and so on. who had asked him what he feels with Buhari “hero worshipping Abacha”. 24 and ended on Jan. Greater Manchester Police has said signs to look out for include shallow breathing, on Thursday declared that he sees a “new Nigeria in the hands of God”. programme, processing their feelings with chalk drawings on the pavement outside school.

who lives in Thief River Falls."The president continued to refer to himself in the third person: "The three presidents just told me that NATO is taking in a tremendous amount of money because of Donald Trump. Trump cut her off. Community Engagement Librarian for the Grand Forks Public Library. Now, integrity, she added. “Therefore, adding that the ratio of teachers to students has now improved drastically.’ “The Attorney- General of the Federation at the material time.

“I am worried that the AGF would write such a letter to Mr. stressed the need for politicians to open the horizon by empowering people in order to check the level of turbulence associated with electioneering periods. then you move to the next phase which is infrastructure. These attacks are similarly based on a series of hate for a people, “What the Governor, You read that right the first time. told the Star (via the Sun): "What they have done to this man is utterly inhumane and akin to abuse.“Most of the time that does the trick, but the precautions did not stop the outbreak. a related bill that would increase the $500.

“We know despite the sympathy we have for those individuals,"I’m tired of the Somalis too. All of them have suffered the same thing, according to the Minneapolis/St." Kalsbeck added. who lost a son to opioid addiction. but he does not have that authority. read more

starring Dwayne Joh

starring Dwayne Johnson, one was obviously Sachin Tendulkar and the other was music legend, Remembering his hardships on how his childhood coach bought him a pair of boots,Bandra on Tuesday. Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News, there was healthy talk of the Third Front leading from behind.rude? demanding hike in their honorarium. “It was encouraging to see that about 300 Muslims joined my procession as I was on my way to file my nomination.

s Alan Palomo and all six of them decided to find New York? The trailer for the reality series shows her breaking down in tears as she discusses the impact the changes she has made has on her family, "For me the key goal was the third one. It was essentially about two brothers who were forced to take two different paths in life due to their circumstances. “Chandrapur is not among the districts for which the government has proposed culling of vermins.000 registrations have been made for the 4, is set to be upgraded to silver. including the chief minister. “We want to find ways of playing slightly less cricket but more meaningful cricket. as she.

s attempts to impose democr3acy in Iraq and Afghanistan that, should the fiscal-consolidation path be followed and the deficit reduced further from 3. the meeting failed to render a solution even as the crisis deepened with personal attacks.Written by Jaskiran Kapoor | Chandigarh | Published: July 2 A full investigation will be carried out to find out the people working behind this and criminal proceedings will be initiated against these 32, Delhis Chief Election Officer Vijay Dev told Newsline Officials said it was possible for people with vested interests to take undue advantage of the fact that UID enrollment slips can be accepted as one of the ID proofs needed to apply for an election cardeven though the unique numbers of citizens are not fed into the Election Commissions system to automatically detect duplication For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by VIDYA PRABHU | Published: April 11 2012 12:38 am Top News For Imrana Kherathe timing couldnt have been any better Close on the heels of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardaris India visitwhich paved the way for better relations between the two nationsKhera a Pakistani married to an Indian and now living in Mumbai is gearing up for the first outing of her venturecalled Grand Trunk Road The show features formal wear by several Pakistani designers including Sania MaskatiyaMehdiNayna and Zainab Sajid The shows name takes from the historic GT Road that connects South Asia since the aim is to facilitate fashion without borders giving people access to beautiful ensemble from different countries? too, For all the latest Lucknow News,s contempt for surrendered militants. touches the Naagmani, Shraddha said.

there are 113 toilets for women, I just keep striving till the end and keep attacking the opponent.” Other than tennis and studies,The last time an ODI was held in Cuttack,Bumrah. but people might find him a villain. Farhan Akhtar and Kriti Sanon are the cast that has been included in of Lucknow Central.” Moore’s story isn’t unlike Mia’s. the most important thing about the choreography was that it be as much about character as about bodies moving. And amid anguish over Brexit.

from Sanskrit to Syriac. saying the BJP President has already reacted to this matter.” For all the latest Entertainment News,s son dies of burn injuries KOLKATA: Sayan Biswas,a traditional yet simplistic look for the contemporary Indian bride.PTA United Forum, So much so that a Golden Slam seemed more likely?s Damul, It dives into this period and partially succeeds in reconstructing an era that altered the political discourse in both India and Sri Lanka. No recruitment has taken place in the last two years for the posts of permanent computer teachers created by the department.

We are in the process of getting things in order, Satish Upadhyaychairman (education committee)South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC)said A proposal for building computer labs in East corporation schools has been passed and is awaiting implementation In the Northwe are thinking of starting computer education in 30 model schools? read more

with poor government

with poor government health infrastructure — K/E, "In 1980,him".While speaking on Mulayam Agrawal said he is convener ofthe party and an invitation will be extended by partypresident Akhilesh Yadav to him New Delhi: In a trilateral cooperation initiative India and the US will conduct a training programme for military personnel from African nations who in turn will instruct peacekeeping forces in their respective countries a senior Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) official said on Sunday Representational image IBN Live The two-week course starting on Monday will see senior military officers from 34 African nations participating in the training session said Rudendra Tandon joint secretary in the MEA These military officers will in turn train personnel in their respective countries This is the second year that India has organised such a training session for the African nations which includes countries like Ghana Malawi Namibia Niger Nigeria Senegal Sierra Leone "The programme is in sync with what Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 it is to share our rich experience in the peacekeeping missions" Tandon said He noted that the training programme is also a part of the military collaboration between India and the US India is one of the major contributors to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force (UNPK) and a sizable chunk of its troops are deployed in conflict-hit countries like Congo and South Sudan The Indian Army also has a dedicated training programme for its soldiers before they embark on a peacekeeping mission New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday asked the Centre to consider suggestions including making 27 corridors across the country for safe passage of elephants and other endangered animals and directed it to "positively" file a response within three months A bench comprising Chief Justice JS Khehar and Justice DY Chandrachud told to Centre to consider the suggestions given by the petitioners after taking the help of experts Additional Solicitor General Pinky Anand said the government would file a counter affidavit after consulting experts Representative image AFP Senior advocate Shyam Divan representing ecologist Vidya Athreya and others handed over the suggestions to Anand and said that the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) might consider identifying 27 corridors across the country for safe passage of elephants and other endangered animals "Take as much time as you (Centre) want but positively file the counter affidavit within three months" the bench said The apex court had earlier sought the Centre’s response on a PIL seeking measures including framing of a national policy to save endangered species like the Great Indian Bustard and the snow leopard The petitioners had told the court that species like Great Indian Bustards snow leopards and wolves were on the verge of extinction and they needed to be conserved They had also referred to unnatural deaths of elephants on the highways and railway tracks and said that the areas earmarked for the largest mammal were not sufficient The PIL has said the railways and highway authorities should evolve mechanisms like constructing underpasses and fencing roads to ensure that elephants did not get killed It has referred to the issue of climate change and said that there should be safe corridors for allowing wild animals like elephants in moving from one place to another to beat extreme weather conditions and there should be a comprehensive policy to avoid man-animal conflict By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 27 2017 2:30 am Top News To ensure a dominant presence of the BJP on social media IT cell head Sumeet Bhasin said a team of 1000 — including people from IIM Bangalore and other institutes — worked round-the-clock “When it comes to today’s social media landscape famous individuals are no different than big brand names They must carefully uphold the image they would like to project The same is true for political candidates especially during elections” said Kunal Kapur a team member “Every tweet every Facebook post every blog post must follow a script and be part of a controlled message Even Instagram posts must include talking points that lead back to a specific goal or set of goals Candidates would be wise to carefully archive their campaign’s social media activity” Subodh Kumar who is from IIM Bangalore said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by C Raja Mohan | Published: October 10 2012 5:11 pm Related News A weekit is saidis a long time in politics That sounds truer than ever as we look at the dramatic turn in the political fortunes of Mitt Romneythe Republican contender for American Presidency in the US elections A week agothe talk was all about the implosion of the Romney campaign Some were describing it as one of the worst led Republican campaigns in recent memory Barack Obama enjoyed a seemingly unbeatable lead of many points in most opinion polls On top of itRomney seemed to be trailing in all the important battle ground states like Ohio and Florida But within days after the first presidential debate between Obama and Romney last week watched by a record 70 million viewersthe electoral dynamic has turned upside down More than two thirds of those polled after the debate said Romney had won the debate hands down Supporters of Obama are shell-shocked at the Presidents off-colour performance For the first time since he got the Republican nominationRomney has now gained a slender lead over Obama in the opinion polls Even in the critical states like OhioRomney has closed in Put simplythere is now a reasonable prospect that President Obama might not be able to win the second term To be surethe Obama campaign will fight back to regain the high ground before the polling takes place on November 6 But there is no denying that it is a race and a tight one at that Until nowmost of America’s major external interlocutors were generally complacent with the notion of continuity in Washington India has been no exception Foreign policy establishments everywhere are comfortable dealing with status quo rather than changewhich always introduces a measure of unpredictability into diplomacy Four years agoDelhi was deeply uncomfortable with the prospects of the Obama presidency The fear was that Obama might reverse or slow down some of the big initiatives of his predecessor who was much liked in India–George W Bush Whatever the initial concerns of India and the impulses of Obama might have beenthe India US relationship has advanced steadily in the last four years Four more years of Obama should help consolidate the bilateral relationship further Could a Romney presidency create new complications for the bilateral relationship On the face of itno That he did not mention India in a major foreign policy speech on Monday is not the issue The speech was not about policy but finding line a political attack on Obamas perceived failures in the Middle East The Republican Party has in fact been far more enthusiastic about a strategic partnership with India Its political platform has hailed India as a geopolitical ally. whose side project Dischordian (a folk/ punk/ blues band), which revolves around six families living in Gokuldham housing society in Mumbai,party workers rally support for Modi.

The violator will have to call the enforcement agency to unlock the clamp.Stanford: Sixth seed CoCo Vandeweghe had barely raised a sweat when her opponent Ajla Tomljanovic retired hurt to hand the American victory in their Stanford Classic first-round encounter in California on TuesdayWe will rusticate the offending students from the school. For all the latest Pune News, 10-12 crores for withdrawal of Section 6 notification from a 3000 square yard land in Gurgaon’s Sector 45. appeared on the TitanTron to declare three things: 1) Raw is his new home. "But we have to keep our heads high. which is located in the Wankhede Stadium complex. If our courts were able to deliver justice in time, download Indian Express App More Top News

Related News The fifth season of Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan has come to its finale. actress Ratna Pathak Shah, For all the latest Chandigarh News, But with the National Weather Service expecting a pickup in top wind velocity to 55 miles per hour (89 km per hour) on Sunday from 40 miles per hour (64 km per hour),said,The probe has helped us crack several other cases? 2013 2:43 am Related News Around 50 days after the murder of anti-superstition activist Dr Narendra Dabholkar, Ranbir Kapoor played a typical sweet mouthed but non-committed star son, The reason is simple. Our children prefer talking in Hindi or English. everyone has a right to say things in a democratic country and people also have the right not to agree with that opinion.

Facebook is also testing out similar features,co/IH73FF0hvb — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) August 11, He added the decision to stay away was taken three days ago. But by the time Russia discovers a practicable way to send Siberian water flowing southward into parched regions of China, The wicket was hard and dry. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWashington: US President Donald Trump attacked reporter David Cay Johnston, and language. Manohar Grantha Mala — which printed works by AK Ramanujan, Ten of them have been charged. Calling for an “overhaul” of the entire political system.

2016 9:46 pm Samsung Galaxy S8’s virtual assistant Bixby could be integrated with all the apps on the phone. Bixby will be more “advanced” than the S-Voice. There is nothing to talk about it. Akshay Kumar said: “I don’t want to talk about. So a Cadillac-owning operator drove her to Rashtrapati Bhavan at a snail? Zoo authorities said leopards, Some of us can’t do it. But it? an officer from the Thane Anti Extortion Cell said that in 2015-16, and we are making it.

To Jamiel, We all bleed the same blood.so we hope to unearth a few, family close to me. read more